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In the Name of God


Activity License for Non-Governmental Postal Operators

Date: 12 Dec 2017

Ref. No.: 100/2970

In compliance with the general policies of the 44th Principle of the Constitution notified by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran and pursuant to article 27 of the Statute of the Islamic Republic of Iran National Post Corporation, passed by the Islamic Parliament on 8 Aug 2016, and as per the approval passed in the 254th meeting of the Communications Regulatory Commissions dated 7 March 2017, the license for providing postal services along with the relevant agreement and annexes thereto, which are an integral part thereof, is conferred upon Teran Part Tipax Co., national ID No. 10100981997, Reg. No. 53058, as the First Non-Government Postal Operator so as to enable it to run and operate within the framework of the license and in compliance with relevant agreement and annexes thereto and other rules and regulations, including approvals and enactments of the Communications Regulatory Commissions within the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In the event that violation of the laws and regulations, the contents of the aforesaid license agreement and annexes thereto does not result in revocation of the license, it shall be effective for 10 years as of the date of entry into force.

Vice-President and Director of the Organization

Signed and sealed


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